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1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
  • Popularity: 13.612
  • Vote Count: 4267
  • Rating:
Mr. & Mrs. Smith

After five (or six) years of vanilla-wedded bliss, ordinary suburbanites John and Jane Smith are stuck in a huge rut. Unbeknownst to each other, they are both coolly lethal, highly-paid assassins working for rival organisations. When they discover they're each other's next target, their secret lives collide in a spicy, explosive mix of wicked comedy, pent-up passion, nonstop action and high-tech weaponry.

2. Nevada Smith

  • Genres: Action, Western
  • Popularity: 4.363
  • Vote Count: 42
  • Rating:
Nevada Smith

Nevada Smith is the young son of an Indian mother and white father. When his father is killed by three men over gold, Nevada sets out to find them and kill them. The boy is taken in by a gun merchant. The gun merchant shows him how to shoot and to shoot on time and correct.

3. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Popularity: 7.539
  • Vote Count: 344
  • Rating:
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed to the United States Senate by the puppet governor of his state. He soon discovers, upon going to Washington, many shortcomings of the political process as his earnest goal of a national boys' camp leads to a conflict with the state political boss.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Popularity: 4.432
  • Vote Count: 49
  • Rating:
Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Ann (Carole Lombard) and David Smith (Robert Montgomery) are a happily married couple living in New York. One morning, Ann asks David if he had to do it over again, would he marry her? To her shock, he answers he wouldn't. Later that day, they both separately find out that, due to a complication when they married three years ago, they are in fact not legally married. Ann does not mention this to David, and thinks he will remarry her that very night after he takes her out to a romantic dinner. When this does not happen, she angrily kicks David out of their home.

5. Smith

  • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
  • Popularity: 0.937
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:

A sci-fi, horror, comedy hybrid about a secret government agency dedicated to responding to crank calls. While on a routine investigation, Agents Smith & Salisbury discover that a report about a homicidal alien on the loose in the woods who is killing off campers is actually true.

6. Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 2.716
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed

Anna Nicole Smith as herself describe a "normal" day of her life and shows what she think and feel about any person or anything in her daily life. From male servant to female servant, from cook to driver, from friends to lawyers, from photographer to a camera, from bed to bath-tub, she describes everything about her daily life.

7. 'Pimpernel' Smith

  • Genres: Adventure, Thriller
  • Popularity: 1.326
  • Vote Count: 12
  • Rating:
'Pimpernel' Smith

Eccentric Cambridge archaeologist Horatio Smith (Howard) takes a group of British and American archaeology students to pre-war Nazi Germany to help in his excavations. His research is supported by the Nazis, since he professes to be looking for evidence of the Aryan origins of German civilisation. However, he has a secret agenda: to free inmates of the concentration camps.

8. Smith!

  • Genres: Western
  • Popularity: 0.639
  • Vote Count: 2
  • Rating:

When the Indian Jimmyboy is accused of murder of a white man, he flees onto the ranch of Smith, who's well known for his tolerance for Indians, since he was raised by the old Indian Antoine. Smith helps Jimmyboy against the mean Sheriff and promises to speak for him in court, thus persuading him to surrender himself to the police.

9. An Evening with Kevin Smith

  • Genres: Comedy, Documentary
  • Popularity: 2.638
  • Vote Count: 38
  • Rating:
An Evening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith interacts in Q&A sessions throughout various college stops in the USA.

10. Growing Up Smith

  • Genres: Comedy, Family, Drama
  • Popularity: 1.221
  • Vote Count: 14
  • Rating:
Growing Up Smith

In 1979, an Indian family moves to America with hopes of living the American Dream. While their 10-year-old boy Smith falls head-over-heels for the girl next door, his desire to become a "good old boy" propels him further away from his family's ideals than ever before.

11. The Anna Nicole Smith Story

  • Genres: Drama
  • Popularity: 1.437
  • Vote Count: 5
  • Rating:
The Anna Nicole Smith Story

Born Vickie Lynn Hogan, she had a son at 18, became a stripper at 20, and married a billionaire at 26. Sheer determination turned her into Anna Nicole Smith, playmate, model and a household name.

12. Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith

  • Genres: Comedy, Documentary
  • Popularity: 1.03
  • Vote Count: 17
  • Rating:
Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith brings his famous and "infamous" Q&A back to his hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey for his 37th birthday.

13. Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Popularity: 1.33
  • Vote Count: 6
  • Rating:
Kevin Smith: Silent but Deadly

Director and podcaster Kevin Smith's stand-up debut which nearly killed him. Recorded on February 25, 2018 at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA. Immediately after the show, Smith suffered a near-fatal heart attack, created by a 100% blockage of his LAD artery (aka “the Widow-Maker”). Thankfully, he recovered - and he has this stand-up special to show for it, in which he riffs on marriage, fatherhood, friends and his work (or lack thereof).

14. Kevin Smith: Smodimations

  • Genres: Animation, Comedy
  • Popularity: 0.599
  • Vote Count: 3
  • Rating:
Kevin Smith: Smodimations

SmodCo Animations gathered in one big collection. (With excerpts from’s own Hollywood Babble-On and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old!)

15. Will Smith: Live in Concert

  • Genres: Music
  • Popularity: 0.678
  • Vote Count: 3
  • Rating:
Will Smith: Live in Concert

Will Smith performs live in concert some of his old and new hits.

16. Heaven Adores You

  • Genres: Documentary
  • Popularity: 0.804
  • Vote Count: 15
  • Rating:
Heaven Adores You

Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith. By threading the music of Elliott Smith through the dense, yet often isolating landscapes of the three major cities he lived in -- Portland, New York City, Los Angeles -- Heaven Adores You presents a visual journey and an earnest review of the singer's prolific songwriting and the impact it continues to have on fans, friends, and fellow musicians.

17. Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

  • Genres: Unknown
  • Popularity: 0.665
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

When Jill Godmilow’s documentary Roy Cohn/Jack Smith premiered at the 1994 Toronto International Film Festival, the number of AIDS-related deaths was reaching an all-time high in the United States (over 270,000). In New York City, the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, many artists and filmmakers were grappling with the disease. While Broadway was hosting the second part of Tony Kushner’s award-winning play Angels in America, downtown New Yorkers were fondly recalling another recent production, Ron Vawter’s one-man show Roy Cohn/Jack Smith, in which the actor, who died of AIDS in April 1994, performed two monologues, first as Cohn, the conservative lawyer, and secondly, as Smith, the flamboyant experimental filmmaker—both of whom died of AIDS-related causes in the late 1980s.

18. Captain John Smith and Pocahontas

  • Genres: Romance, Drama, History
  • Popularity: 0.714
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Captain John Smith and Pocahontas

The story of, well, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. Jamestown. Early 1600s.

19. Hurricane Smith

  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Popularity: 0.377
  • Vote Count: 2
  • Rating:
Hurricane Smith

An oil-field worker from Texas journeys to Australia to look for his missing sister, and his search winds up getting him involved with a violent drug-smuggling gang.

20. Whispering Smith

  • Genres: Action, Western
  • Popularity: 0.428
  • Vote Count: 7
  • Rating:
Whispering Smith

Smith as an iron-willed railroad detective. When his friend Murray is fired from the railraod and begins helping Rebstock wreck trains, Smith must go after him. He also seems to have an interest in Murray's wife (and vice versa).